Voces Clamantium: Laskaris, McBride

Dimensions: A Welcome to Dartmouth

To the Editor:

In light of last Friday's article ("Dimensions show to be canceled," Feb. 22) regarding the Dimensions welcome show, I would like to provide clarifying details concerning the changes we are considering. Most importantly, I would like to be clear that we are not canceling the Dimensions welcome show. We are disappointed that the headline and article in the paper left readers with that impression and that the article also misrepresented new programming that is being added to the schedule. We in admissions have always embraced the enthusiasm of the welcome show. The light-hearted, student-driven energy it radiates is a unique facet of Dartmouth that we want to highlight. However, Leede Arena is a challenging venue because of acoustics and other technical and logistical issues. With all this in mind, we have asked student leaders to develop ideas for the Dimensions welcome show in another space and to share those ideas with us.
Our goal during Dimensions is threefold: to welcome prospective students to Dartmouth, to showcase the depth and breadth of the opportunities available at Dartmouth and to highlight the unique strength and character of the Dartmouth community.
Dimensions has always been and continues to be a successful program. The welcome show is only one of the many ways for Dartmouth students to demonstrate their love of the College and their eagerness to share that with our admitted students and their families. Each year during Dimensions we rely on hundreds of student hosts to make prospective students feel secure, welcome and at home during their stay. All of our events are designed to allow for meaningful connections between current students and prospective students. And we know that informally, every interaction that we have with our visiting students, no matter how small, is significant whether it is helping a lost student find his or her way, inviting a student to attend a class or share a meal with you or sitting on the Green with a group of prospective students on a beautiful spring afternoon. Such genuine, individual actions by you, our current students, and your love for Dartmouth, differentiate us and make admitted students feel welcomed into our family.

Maria Laskaris Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

An Elaborate Hoax

To the Editor:

I fear my alma mater must have been the subject of an elaborate hoax. I have recently received two mailings and several emails urging me to vote for the alumni-nominated trustee and the Association of Alumni Executive Committee. Indeed, the most recent email points out the urgency of voting, as there are "only three weeks left. Have we heard from you?" Today, I logged on to vote at the purported Dartmouth alumni election site and was shocked to discover that each election had only one candidate. Absolutely no choice on any position how could this be? While some might believe that the alumni council, and perhaps in the background the administration, seek to assure a hand-picked group, I can't believe this is true. Sure, in the past some councilors were elected even though they were not nominated by the traditional method, but Dartmouth wouldn't go so far as to give us no option in voting just to make sure some vocal proponents of alternate viewpoints could not be elected. No, I believe this must be a hoax. Why would I be urged to vote in an election that can have only one outcome? An election where you either vote for the handpicked candidate or abstain! If that were an election that was actually taking place, each candidate is assured election provided each receives one vote, presumably able to be elected if each candidate casts a vote for him or herself. This has to be an attempt by some third-party hackers to steal my personal information. At least, I prefer to believe that over the thought that Dartmouth has swindled me out of a voice in the election.

Jack McBride '90Ottawa Hills, Ohio

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