Selectboard Correspondence: Dogs at Huntley Meadow

 From: Franny Eanet <>

 Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2014 11:27 AM

 To: Nancy Kramer

 Subject: Dogs at Huntley Meadow

Dear Select Board Members and Town Manager,

I recently learned changes are being considered to the existing policy governing dogs at Huntley Meadow as a result of a dog bite incident. A friend told me a young child was bitten by a leashed dog owned by a non-Norwich resident who was attending sports event. (I hope the child is OK). My understanding is that the proposed policy would ban all dogs from Huntley during sports events.

I regularly walk my dog at Huntley, both during quiet hours, and at times during sports events, which can occupy many hours of the day on weekends, after school, and over the summer. If dog owners were limited to non-sporting event hours, it would be challenging to know when those are, since they do not follow a regular schedule.

I ask the Select Board to consider this as an isolated incident which does not necessitate a change in policy, or to consider a lesser action than the proposed policy change. I feel Huntley Meadow should be available to all town residents for a variety of recreational activities, and not just for organized sports events. My dog is very well behaved and would not bite a child. It is unfortunate that a dog owner whose dog is not as trustworthy felt it necessary to bring his/her dog to Huntley.

Thank you for your consideration.

Franny Eanet

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