The Outside Story - Artwork by Adelaide Tyrol
Close observation — it’s a central process in doing science, and it’s also where many artists begin their interpretation of the world. This fall, Montshire visitors will have the opportunity to see the results of one remarkable artist’s close observations, artistic skills, and lifelong fascination with the natural world.
The Outside Story: Artwork by Adelaide Tyrol opens October 17. With a keen eye and deft hand, Tyrol transforms her observations into images that engage us with a deeper understanding of the world around us. “Art presents the opportunity to reveal truths other than analytical ones,” said Tyrol. “A random moment, fully recognized, can embrace the spirit and lead us to a deeper understanding of life.” For many years, Tyrol has illustrated articles about the natural world in Northern Woodlands Magazine, as well as for a weekly newspaper column supported by the Wellborn Ecology Fund of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation that runs in several regional publications. A selection of these illustrations will be featured in the exhibition, along with more recent work, and the text of the original articles for which they were created. The Outside Story will be on display in the Museum’s first-floor west gallery October 17 through November 29.
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