ReCOVER Store Staff Position part-time (24 hours a week) opening
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Details here:

Reports to ReCOVER Store Manager

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Daily Store Set-up, Preparation and Closing
  • Meet, greet and assist customers with their shopping in the ReCOVER Store
  • Meet, greet and assist donors when they come to the Store
  • Work with ReCOVER Store Manager and staff to complete donation pick-ups, loading and unloading of merchandise
    • Drive and pick up donations
    • Prepare truck in morning for daily pick-ups
    • Select and safely load donations into and off of vehicles
    • Supervise volunteers safely and appropriately
  • Assist with the cleaning and then the display of donated items in appropriate areas in the Store
  • Work as assigned by the ReCOVER Store Manager
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