Holiday Jam & Jellies


Holiday Jam & Jellies


We have a full selection of locally produced Jams & Jellies to  help you fill out your holiday baskets and to give simply as a gift:  Jam        Blackberry                     $6.00    Blueberry                       $5.00     Plum                                $5.00     Raspberry                       $5.00     Strawberry                      $5.00     Strawberry-Rhubarb    $5.00   Triple Berry                    $6.00     Jelly  Apple                            $5.00    Concord Grape         $6.00   Mint                             $5.00    Pomegranate            $6.00    All  jams and jellies are produced in Lebanon, NH. We use locally harvested  fruits when they are in season. Contact us today to complete your order!  Email or call (603) 448-2983 to place your order, please include contact information so we can contact you when the order is ready.  Thank you for your business,  Carl & Maghan Porter shoplocal



Contact: 603-448-2983,



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