Large Dog Boots for sale -- New

I have a brand new full set and a half of the only boots that will stay on in snow.  I love these boots. I am selling them because they are too small for my 180# Newfie with very big feet. They’d be perfect for a smaller Newf or a Bernese.  The brand ie “Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots” XL. The extra 2 can be kept in case you lose one. These boots actually stay on since it has a double strap design. I paid $69.90 plus shipping.  Make an offer. It’d be great to know they are in use and that they can save some of the bleeding from the snow buildup between your dog’s toes.  If they made some that did not squish my dog’s feet, i’d keep them. They don’t make them any larger. ;-(  
Reply to Nancy at: 802.439.6675.


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