Cures for the Summertime Blues?

Eddie Cochran once sang, "There ain't no cure for the summertime blues." He may have been on to something. I'm finding myself very blue this summer and as I sit writing this, I realize that this has been the case for almost every summer in my memory. When I was a kid I was one of those rare kids who actually loved school and so the months between each school year were hard on me. On top of that, my summers were never the "lazy days of summer" many people remember as kids. I grew up on a produce and tobacco farm, so most of my summer days were spent working with my family in the fields. If we finished up early enough I might be able to go with a friend to the pool or, when I was older, to the beach. If it rained, I would be able to spend the day reading. Otherwise I was working.

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When I went to college, I still worked some on the farm in the summers, but I also took on other jobs. I worked waiting tables one summer and another summer I worked in a library. Certainly there was some fun in all of this, but mostly I remember summer as working time. Not much has changed in adulthood. My work schedule is consistent and year-round. I might want to be out wandering the area fun spots, swimming in the lake, and relaxing but instead I'm in front of my computer all day most days.

One of the ways I try to fix this problem is by taking advantage of the early evening hours when I can. I love to ride the back roads with the windows down and feel the fabulous Upper Valley breezes. Some nights we take the kids out for ice cream or we go play putt-putt. We've taken in a few minor league baseball games. We've taken advantage of the local beach on Lake Fairlee (although you'll not catch me in a swimsuit). Fortunately there are plenty of things to do here in the Upper Valley to try to ward off the blues, it is just a matter of pulling myself out of my doldrums to do them! I'm always open for suggestions for other fun early-evening activities, so please pass them along. Until next time, y'all have a good one!


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