Shine Your Light!

Bring Brightness to Others

It's that time of year, that no matter where you go, lights are shining bright in many different shapes and colors. Yellow, white, red, green and blue just to name a few. Some are blinking, while others seem to be "dancing" or flickering. As I drive throughout the Upper Valley and marvel at the creative designs and decorations on so many houses and businesses, it makes me stop to think about the beauty of the season. It also, makes me think about how each and everyone of us has our own beauty and special light that shines from inside. If we can light up our yards, houses, trees, churches and storefronts with a variety of electrical power, let's use our personal power to share our internal light and bring brightness to others.

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What is your light and how do you share it with others? Is it your smile as you sit and listen to a child tell a story. Or is it the laughter you experience when you spend time with a dear friend. Saying hello to someone as you pass them on the sidewalk or at work could bring a brightness to their day. Too often we are so distracted with what is going on in our own world, we don't even realize that we may have passed someone by. We've probably all seen people actually walk into someone else because they are looking at their phone or maybe even trying to work on their computer. Distracted with a dim light!

Don't be afraid to let your light shine! Share the positive glow and energy with others. Bring brightness to family, friends, neighbors, strangers, co-workers and anyone else! We all need more light in our lives and it's up to each of us to make it brighter. So many times we hear the adage, "Pay it Forward." I challenge each of you to "Share your Light"! Not just now during the holiday season, but all year round. When one light gets brighter so will another and another and another! Together we can light up the world!


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