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Pam Stone plans to do even more quilting this year!

Some Surprizing New Year's Resolutions - and How To Keep Them!

Looking back on the first (half-) year of the Vershire Buzz, I thought it would be fun to check in with some of the people we heard from over the last six months here in Vershire, to ask about their resolutions for the new year - and, most importantly, how they plan to keep them.  Without strategy, most New Year's resolutions go by the wayside with the first piece of cake that passes by.  So let's see what kind of fortitude we're sporting in Vershire these days!

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Gregory Wilson certainly has the loftiest resolution, "to continue to align myself with the life patterns of the earth. How: build community with same intentions, bring light to the forces moving toward death, stand up to those forces, laugh and play with others, spend as much time in the woods as I can, and to change the foundations of my imagination/inner story to one built upon nature leaving behind the structures of patriarchy."  I genuinely wish him well in this endeavor.

John Roy invokes the same one every year: to be a better person than the year before.  The strategy apparently involves repeating the intention annually so it's not really so much of a change, but more of a gradual striving.

Lynn Roy has a very specific plan.  She intends to learn to master her new cell phone, the one I happened to call to reach her for this information, so at least it's functioning as a phone, but she hopes to become proficient in also using it for messages, texts, GPS and whatever else her Samsung smartphone will do. Her strategy is to just do it, and she sure sounded determined, so I believe she'll do it!

Pam Stone plans to get more sewing done, an ambitious goal for her, considering her prolific production for the Made In Vershire Shop and entries in the Tunbridge Fair, which I know were just the tip of the iceberg in 2016.  She also looks forward to more embroidery projects, with a helpful strategy being the gift from her husband, Vern, of a whole set of embroidery thread colors for her machine.  It's great to have support for those resolutions, even if they're things we sincerely want to do ourselves.

Deb Davidson plans to put her health first as she is starting out the new year already under the weather. Her strategy involves taking time to decompress and to breathe.  "I want to enjoy each moment as it arises and to go with the flow."

Andrea Herrington also aspires to live life to the best every day.  She believes it works because it's not just one day a year but a practice every day all year round.

Rita French and her cousin, Arvilla Towle want to start again on their bucket list.  Arvilla keeps the list, which includes going zip lining ("start out small," Rita says!) and places to visit - in Vermont for starters - even as close as the Justin Morrill homestead in Strafford.  They did get to the Windsor Constitution House and American Precision Museum already.  Rita also plans to continue her work on genealogy, as she does every year, including pictures to be put in order, copied, and saved digitally.  She would also like to make more products for the Made In Vershire Shop, which contains many examples of her handiwork.  Then she decided to add some intentions for something really different, to do nothing, or read every book in the house!  It's not clear whether doing more or doing less would be harder for the ever-active, busy and prolific Rita. 

Sheila Bedi is planning on saving a little here and there to put more money toward her house payment; and eating better, meaning more vegetarian meals at home, but she's being realistic about the temptation of butter.  I heartily support both her noble aspirations and her taste for butter, which I share.  Cultured raw Jersey cream makes the best butter, but anything homemade and fresh from the farm is blissful to me.

My New Year's Resolution is to meet new people in my community through writing the Vershire Buzz.  There are only a bit over seven hundred of us, yet there are still some folks I don't know!  I guess I don't need to ferret out every hermit in the hills, but I look forward to getting acquainted with more of the amazing people in our town.  And you'll be able to meet them right here on the Vershire Buzz every Friday.  But I'll need help getting to know people I don't know, so I'd appreciate your introducing us.

You can even add your own holiday resolutions - and strategies - on the Vershire Buzz Facebook page.

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