Yes, I thrift shop...a lot!

    When I was 12, my parents got me a second hand singer sewing machine. It only sewed straight stitch and was very moody but I loved sewing! My sister was a toddler and I spent lots of time converting pillow cases and towels into high fashion clothes (I thought) for her. When my mom put the end to me using the pillow cases, I used my babysitting money and found the thrift shop. In Enfield, we had one. It was run by some agency, and was filled with potential toddler gowns. I would pay a dollar for a box full of dresses and fabric and spend days creating clothes for my sister...

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    Years later I discovered Listen. At the time, the early seventies, I was in my "hippy stage" . Listen fit my needs. Cheap clothes! As the years went by, I bought everything you could want or need there. It involved a bit of searching, but All my kids went to school in brand name clothes and I had curtains in my windows and really nice dishes on the table. Now I have my favorite shops. I shop in Enfield at the church thrift shop. It sits next to Mickey's on route 4. Verna, age 92, seems to be the boss. In the back, the ladies are ironing! Yes they iron the stuff they put out! 3$ for a bag of clothes is a bargain. I got a men's J. Crew sweater and levi jeans for 3$...can't beat it! And there is the Good Buy Store in wilder. This store helps fund SEVCA and they are picky about what they put out. Everything is clean and sometimes unusual...A collection of high heels, some covered with spikes??? But fun for halloween! And of course, the best upscale thrift shop Revolution! Kim Sousa has taken the thrift shop to a higher level. Clothes are affordable and elegant. There is some unusual things but that makes thrift shopping fun! I don't shop retail if I can avoid it, but with the options here in the UV, I don't have to!

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