Police say Randolph man posed as teen girl on-line to lure and assault Lebanon teen boy

Kidnapping and assault charges being filed

LEBANON, NH - A 32-year-old Randolph, Vermont man allegedly created an on-line persona named "Shannon" and then faked his own kidnapping in order to lure a 17-year-old Lebanon boy into a West Lebanon park this past summer where the teen was physically attacked and "emotionally tormented" before he managed to escape, Lebanon Police are reporting.

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    Kristopher Locke of Randolph has been charged with kidnapping, first degree assault and second degree assault in a warrant that was served on him last week at the Grafton County House of Corrections where Locke was already being held in pre-trial detention on other "related charges."

    Police said that the events took place over the course of several days in July beginning with Locke befriending the teen in Lebanon and then "introducing" him on-line to a female he supposedly knew named Shannon.  The teen's contacts with "Shannon" were always through electronic messages and they never met in person, police explained. 

Kristopher Locke, 32, of Randolph, Vermont is facing kidnapping and assault charges

    In announcing the new charges against Locke, police did not go into details of the assault that allegedly transpired in the park in July, but they said it began with a message from "Shannon" to the teen boy saying that she had just kidnapped Locke and that the teen "needed to do as she said otherwise she was going to kill Locke."

    "The male was then told to go to a park in West Lebanon and once there he experienced physical assault and emotional tormenting but was eventually able to escape," police said, noting that the teen contacted Lebanon Police after he started receiving messages from Locke in the wake of the attack that led him to believe "that it was in fact Locke who had done these things to him at the park and not Shannon."

    "The Lebanon Police Department investigated the incident and determined the person who was purporting to be Shannon was in fact Kristopher Locke," police said.

    Following a probable cause hearing earlier this week Locke's case is being moved up to the Grafton County Superior Court for further proceedings.

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