For Your Cupcake Craving: Cupcake Shops in the Upper Valley (and Beyond)

Where do you go to satisfy your sweet tooth without over indulging or get cupcakes for a party or event?  I searched the internet and didn’t have a lot of luck.  I knew there were more than just a few cupcake establishments in the Upper Valley, having seen people selling them at the farmer’s markets.  So I searched the local Facebook forum and found a great thread!  Here’s the verdict from the locals.

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The Top Recommendations

Dazzle Cupcakes in Lebanon was by far the most recommended place to snag a tasty treat.  People not only recommended them, but with gusto! Words like amazing, delicious, and wonderful were used to describe Dazzle.   After looking at their large cupcake menu (the most variety out of any here) I’ll take a cookies and cream, caramel macchiato, Miss Original, and a Salted Caramel. I never thought cupcakes could change my life, but apparently according to one review, eating one from Dazzle Cupcakes just might.

Lou’s Restaurant in Hanover was second.   People said you should try the Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Blackout cupcakes.  I think the Boston Crème sounds good.

A to Z Cakes was also recommended.  They cater for weddings but do cupcakes too.  I like the cookies and cream filling idea or the caramel apple. One review on Facebook said:  A to z cakes all the way!!!!!! Serious deliciousness happening at that place!”   I think that says it all and makes me want to try it.  

Brigadeiro in Hanover was recommended for their chocolate cake, but they sell cupcakes too.  They specialize in fabulous high quality chocolates that they ship all over the country. One unique flavor of their speciality Brazilian sweet that sounded particularly appealing was the  white chocolate with a guava paste.  Cool!

Here are some other local recommendations:

The Little Cake Shoppe at Jennyridge Farm. Rave reviews and beautifully decorated cupcakes and cookies await you at Jennifer Arney’s facebook page. I love the snowman cookies and snowflake cupcakes.  Wow!  What attention to detail!  I don’t know how she does it.  Then of course I scrolled down a little more and saw the snowman cake.  Oh my – that’s clearly the winner on the cuteness factor.  Amazing!  Reviews are great for presentation and taste.  If I wanted to knock someone’s socks off with beautiful cupcakes I think this is where I’d go!  Worth the trip to Canaan!

Cupcake QueenKathryn is a caterer in Hanover. She uses local ingredients too!  You can find her cupcakes at the Newberry Market in White River.  The Mint to Be ones and cupcakes frosted like a flower look amazing!  Great reviews too.   On her website you can see the awesome and inspiring flavor combinations like campfire which has a chocolate cake base marshmellow buttercream, chocolate and graham cracker pieces yum!  The most creative, and a top seller, is the The Rebel, which is a Guiness cake with chocolate ganache and Bailey’s Irish buttercream.  Oh my goodness!  The Triple Salted Caramel looks good too.  I want some!

Short and Sweet located in Windsor. Rave reviews.  I like the review that said addictive and outstanding service.  Now that’s high praise!  You can even order cake rolls, cool.  

King Arthur Flour sells cupcakes too.  One person recommended the chocolate salted caramel cupcakes.  

More Desserts Beyond the Upper Valley

Irene’s Cakes in Ludlow  This is where I had my wedding cake made.  Amazing!  I got a lot of compliments on the appearance and the taste.  She has unique flavors combinations like white chocolate buttercream and maple filling.  I’m not a huge cake fan, but I liked it so much I ordered a small cake when we celebrated our anniversary one year.  She also does cupcakes.  If her designs aren’t enough to win you over, you might be interested to know she’s won multiple awards too.  

Becca owns Becca’s Tasty Treats and is a trained pastry chef.  She’s centered in Hillsboro.  I love the minion cake!

Umpleby's Bakery Cafe in Hanover was recommended for their amazing raspberry cake.  I didn’t see anything about cupcakes though.  Lots of other cool deserts like a chocolate caramel tart, passion fruit cake, or lemon cheesecake.  Yum. 

Bearse Bakery in Claremont.  Recently opened in the last few years in the same location as Simply Sweet Creations on Pleasant St. in Claremont.  I've heard good things.  Try them out.

What's your favorite cupcake place?

Update: Stonearch Bakery and Simply Sweet Creations have since closed.

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