What Does Trump's Signature Look Like? What Does it Mean?

Trump's using his unique signature on all kinds of orders

President Donald Trump's signature is a bunch tight, straight scribbles that's rapidly changing America.

Some on social media compared Trump's signature to a lie detector test or EKG exam results.

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Whatever it is, Trump appears signature happy.

Trump's unique pen strokes are appearing on all kinds of new executive orders. He's issued orders to abandon the Trans-Pacific Partnership, build a wall along the Mexican border, ban some Muslims from entering the country, freeze federal spending and scale back Obamacare--and it's only week one.

This is what Trump's signature looks like.

This photo of Trump's signature was captured by an e-Ticker News reader during Trump's campaign stops in New Hampshire. Photo provided by e-Ticker News. Click here to read the e-Ticker News blog.

Forensic handwriting expert Bart Baggett analyzed Trump's signature today compared to the one Trump allegedly used in his early 20s. Trump's younger signature was in neat cursive and had a loop around the lowercase "D," suggesting Trump was compassionate and maybe had some insecurities, said Baggett in a 9-minute YouTube video.

Trump's switch to what he uses today suggests he's bullish. The signature indicates, "I'm not going to show insecurities, I'm not going to show fear," Baggett said.

The angular "M" and "N" indicate quick thinking and the large "P" indicates argumentativeness, said Baggett.

"He basically toughened up, his handwriting changed as a result of it and he became a winner," said Baggett. 

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