Tip-Tour: An Upper Valley Novelty is Here!

Tip Tour, the exciting new app that's discovering White River Junction through stories, video, and photos!

Yes, There's a Story Behind Everything...

What’s Tip-Tour?  It’s a brand new app for smart phones that recognizes there’s a story behind everything.  And it delivers stories directly to your phone as you travel around. Tip-Tour’s Tom Yen just stopped by Long River Gallery & Gifts in its new White River Junction space at 49 South Main Street to capture some audio and shoot some video and photos of what’s inside—all with his smart phone.

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With a clip-on microphone plugged into his phone, Tom engaged Long River sculptor and artist in residence Anna Hranovska Vincelette for well over 30 minutes.  She told him stories about her sculpture pieces, and about her inner visions of how and why her works come into being. Tales of her life in the Ukraine and Russia also spilled out, with Tom encouraging her with a grand smile and the ease and grace of a seasoned interviewer.  

"Bellaya Noch," or "White Night" in Russian, is depicted by this large-scale sculpture created by Anna Haranovska Vincelette of polymer clay, paper, glass, metal, and love.

The story of the "White Night" is now alive and available on Tip Tour to pair with Anna's lovely sculpture of a student in a gondola, dressed in her finest, riding atop waves of Tchaikovsky's original score of The Nutcrackerpushing off into the northern polar night of June to celebrate the end of her university exams in St. Petersburg, Russia (also known as the "Venice of the North").

Tom’s a young guy. I don’t know, maybe a twenty-something? He’s landed in the Upper Valley as a transplant from the west coast where he’s been developing Tip-Tour as a way to help travelers visit places from their armchairs, and in person. All the while, Tip-Tour’s mission is to tell the stories behind whatever it is you’re seeing—be it out your car window, or right in front of your nose as you walk around a city, a small town like White River Junction, or even unusual points of interest that serve as destination locations wherever they may be.

It's so easy to tell your story to Tom Yen (pictured above), even while his microphone is on!

The stories you'll hear on Tip-Tour running alongside the video or photo stream are provided by someone in the know. Someone with local knowledge, or the creator of the object herself. Like Anna, there are people everywhere who have fascinating stories to tell. And with Tom asking us to share what we know, we’re all going to have a wealth of new knowledge available to us soon. 

Tip-Tour is growing.  It has interviewers and videographers around the country poking around and finding the gems of places that hold stories previously known by only a few. Talk about adventure travel. Can you imagine walking up to a sculpture on a street corner in Chicago and hearing from the artist who created it? Or finding an unusual building hiding in the corner of Brooklyn and hearing from the son of its builder about the kitchen table conversations had as the building was constructed? Or wondering where the local Appalachian Trail "Velvet Rocks" hiking trailhead might be in Hanover, NH as you try not to get lost behind a chain link fence, a creek with a rotting log across it, and the back side of the Hanover Food Coop? And maybe even a story by a trail volunteer who re-built that very same trailhead?

Tip-Tour is GPS enabled, and, for those of us who are severely directionally challenged, it displays a compass on your smart phone screen to actually point you in the right direction. With Tip-Tour, you can plan a trip ahead of time, download the stories, and listen to them as you go. Or, you can just tune in when you get to a spot to learn more about it. Right now, Tip-Tour is adding lots of new content. And we’re fortunate to have Tom Yen, by virtue of his wife and a job she just landed in Hanover, to be here looking around for our stories where we live, work, and play. We’re happily making it onto the Tip-Tour map!

A peek at the Tip Tour home page. It's for real. And White River Junction has been found out!

For more information about Tip-Tour and some of Tom’s newly-created stories about our area, please see: http://tip-tour.com/?s=PFAs4b

And, by all means, download the free Tip-Tour app which is available on iOS as well as Android.  As Tip-Tour grows, so will we with the newfound knowledge of heretofore untold stories by people just like us all over the world!


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Dave is not this wonderfully-crafted wall relief sculpture made of clay by Anna Hranovska Vincelette, but you can see it and learn more about Long River Gallery & Gifts by visiting at 49 South Main Street in White River Junction, Vermont.

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