The Results are In: Favorite Pizza Places in the Upper Valley

Looking for quick and tasty comfort food - pizza is what most people gravitate to.   Sometimes we just like take out if we're in a rush, but more of the time we like to sit down and enjoy our pizza as a special treat away from home.  Regardless of your preference, people weighed in and had lots enthusiastic recommendations for where to get pizza.  

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Out of 8 places that specialize in pizza in the White River, Lebanon, and Hanover area, I've shown the top 3 in each category.  Some were quite close. To see the full results click here.

Most Popular for Take Out/Delivery

It was a close vote within the top 6, so I'm happy we have some great options available to us.


A born and raised New Yorker, the pizza mecca, said he's tried all the pizza places around and Cantore's in Lebanon was his fav.


Ziggy's was also a popular pizza place.  A self proclaimed 'pizza snob from Jersey' said that "Ziggy’s is the best option I’ve found around here in over 20 years."  Wow. For a particular pizza eater , that's high praise.

C & S Pizza

C & S Pizza in White River was also highly recommended.  One person even said it was "the best of all time."  Now that's some pizza I gotta try.

Ramuntos in Hanover and Leb took the 4th and 5th spot with a difference of 1 vote.  Lebanon Village and C & A rounded out the list.

Most Popular for Eating in


Ziggy's won in this category by a significant amount.  Ziggy's has two options: self service or full service.  The full service side has a nice bar, pool table set up, and booths and tables to sit at.  I really enjoyed the atmosphere on this side.  The self service side you order and pick up at the counter.  There's an arcade area for the kids too.

Ramunto's Hanover

I've never been inside this Ramunto's but it was votes one of the top spots for outdoor dining in the area, so if that's any indication of what it's like inside, it's worth a visit for the whole pizza and dining experience.

Cantores came in fourt, Lebanon Village followed with Ramuntos in Leb, C & S, and C & A.

Most Popular for Someone who Likes Creative Toppings and Combinations

Some places have similiar pizza combinations, but at each restaurant in the top 3 there were pizza combinations I'd never heard of (spinach and artichoke at Ziggy's, and the pollo pesto pie at Cantore's).  So each location has something unique to offer the Upper Valley.


Ziggy's has a lot of unique combinations. Try the steak bomb, the ranch, the fredo, pulled pork, or even the crab rangoon.  


Cantore's also has creative toppings like the pigs in paradise with bbq sauce, ham, bacon, and pineapple; the stormtracker pizza with chicken, chipotle sauce, different types of peppersm and onions; chicken flourentine and more. There are also vegan and gluten free options for pizza on the menu.

Great for Parties, Groups, and Catering


Ziggy's offers catering, online ordering, and delivery.  They also have a large eat-in location so these make it a great place to have pizza with groups or order out for a crowd.  


You can order online, in person, or over the phone.  They even have a special catering menu with pricing so you can pursue at your leisure for your next group or party event.  If you want to eat-in, Cantore's expanded their seating a while back and now has lots of room for groups.  

Ramunto's in Hanover

Ramunto's in Hanover was recommended for parties and groups.  The Ultimate Frisbee team of Dartmouth can be found congregating there as evidence by Ramunto's Facebook.  So lots of room for groups to enjoy a good meal.

2 Guys Pies and Lebanon Village came in 4th and 5th with quite a few recommendations.  UPDATE: 2 Guys Pies is closed

Best Offerings If you Don't Want Pizza

Sometimes I would go to Ramunto's in Claremont and want the honey mustard chicken sandwich and a salad.  I didn't want pizza, but my husband did.  People thought all the locations had something for people who didn't want pizza and was close vote.  


With tons of salads, wings, specialty burgers and hot dogs, pasta, sandwiches, and appetizers, there's certainly plenty to choose from if you're not up for pizza. The mac and cheese is highly recommended (I had some after hearing the rave reviews and really liked it)  I think I'd have a chicken cobb salad and a blt or chicken club sandwich.

Lebanon Village

Lots of unique and traditional offerings at Village.  Wraps, burgers, hot or cold subs, pastas, clubs, and burgers provide people with a variety of options.  I particularly like the gyro wrap, potato skins, turkey club, and chicken parm sub.


Cantore's has lots of sandwiches, wraps, and burgers.  Plus they offer unique offerings like stromboli and specialty calzones.  Order some traditional Italian fare like manicotti, lasagna, ravioli, or spaghetti and meatballs, plus a family fav. mac and cheese.

Best Beer on Tap

To some pizza and beer are the perfect combination.  I'm more a pizza and gingerale gal.  

Ziggy's won by a landslide with over 60 % of the vote.  Ramunto's in Hanover and Cantore's came in 2nd and third.  No matter where you go, you'll get a good cold beer to go with your tasty pizza.

Stay tuned for the upcoming post of recommendations beyond these locations.  You may need to have lots of nights out to try all the awesome selections we have in the Upper Valley.

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