Life Coaching
Kathryn Samuelson
Price:  See my website for fees

Do the questions Who am I, Where am I and What am I resonate with you? Are you looking for someone to help you focus on yourself and your next steps" 

Are you looking to reinvent yourself? Are you looking to transform yourself? Are you looking for a new way to be, to participate in the paradigm shift that is occurring at this time? I will help you explore the possible paths that exist for you. This process will include my helping you ask the questions you need to ask yourself as well as finding a plan to take you on your journey. I will aid you in determining the steps to implement your plan.

Do you have an employee that you would like to see enhance his or her wellness or find a more sure footing in life? I can help your employee.

I will listen to you and reflect on what you have to say. I will then help you to gain new perspectives - to plan, question, map, write, and discuss your way to create the change that you want. You will engage in a supported process in a non-judgmental and safe environment. I will facilitate your exploration of your inner-self as well as helping you to look at the world in a new way.

As appropriate, I will use the various tools at my disposal - ranging from written or other homework to guided meditations, divination tools, and the intuitive.

Our first session will be a free consultation to determine if we wish to work together.

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