You Know You Live on a Dirt Road

You know you live on a dirt road when.......

1. On some winter days, it's more comparable to a bobsled track than an actual road.

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2. Some people complain about being stuck behind a tractor on the main road, but you know nothing's worse than getting stuck behind the town grader.

3. You've had to get out of your vehicle to remove a tree or branch that's fallen into the road.

4.  There are several places too narrow for two cars, so you know all of the best ditches and driveways to back into.

5.  You half expect that your death will come from that one teenager that drives twice the speed limit and hogs the center of the road.

6. Your mechanic can tell that you live on a dirt road just by looking at your suspension system.

7. Car washes seem futile because there's always going to be dirt or mud on your vehicle.

8. You shake your head in pity each winter and mud season at that one sedan or compact car that manages to get stuck as you whip by in your 4WD. 

9. When your GPS tells you you've arrived at your destination, you're just staring at trees.

10. You've have seen enough wildlife to make a quality, full length nature documentary narrated by David Attenborough

If you have other ideas, please feel free to list them in the comments.


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