The Trial Has Been Delayed


The public trial involving the rescue of twenty one sick dogs in Croydon NH  has been delayed. Further date is pending. It will be held at the Newport District Court, NH. Please consider attending it.

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State Representative, Virginia Irwin (Sullivan County) is sponsoring the petition about giving more authority to our Officers who often have no power to seize animals, even when their suffering is obvious. 

Some people get irritated when they hear about police seizing their animals, they voice their angry opinions. "It is my property, it is my right".    Except they do not realize that owning any animal is a privilege. It has nothing to do with righteousness.  

Do officers hesitate to open a car door when an animal struggles inside, in the heat? They do not.  What is the difference between the neglect and cruelty witnessed in a hot car and the one  that is happening on a yard, pasture,  house or shed?  Absolutely nothing.  Creatures suffer in or on private property. Period.  Let us change the way we rescue animals who deserve a second chance at life. 

Do you know that many people knew about the great danes in Wolfboro, NH but there was no warrant to seize them? They could have been taken a year ago. Let us not make the same mistake again. How about the four horses inside of a barn, not seeing daylight for a year? Same story. People look away because they know, the police will come, report will be filed and ...... end of story.  


Are you interested in learning more about the rescue?

You can reach me at 

Thank you for your support. 

Andrea Conger 

Chelsea's Footprints 

501 (c)3

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