Vershire Day Storm Turns into Vershire Weekend!

Millerpond Rd. shows a crumbling shoulder after the Vershire Day storm

Festivities continue for 2 days despite road washouts…

Vershire Day started out fair but turned rainy by the time the parade was scheduled to start, so adjustments had to be made - and continued to be made throughout the afternoon.  From a mild rain to a drenching downpour, Vershire residents and guests streamed into VerShare’s Church-Orr House for shopping, coffee and snacks at the Made In Vershire Shop, stories in the Vershire Library, and finally delicious strawberry shortcakes throughout the morning and early afternoon.

Across Rt. 113 the Town Center was getting into full swing from about noon onward, starting with the bake sale inside the Vershire Historical Society wing rather than under the customary tent, making for a cozy and inviting visit combining historical displays and scrumptious goodies from Gina Boyd’s double chocolate bundt cake to tiny brownie bites, whole apple pies, cookies and more.

More dripping Vermonters than I’ve ever seen in one place flowed steadily into the Town Center vestibule where raffle tickets were being sold for not one but two handmade quilts.  One raffle will benefit VerShare’s Church-Orr House repair and restoration fund, the other supports the Vershire Scholarship Endowment Fund. Sharing a table with the VerShare quilt raffle was the Vershire Women’s Wellness Circle, offering information on its activities, including the upcoming Healing Gardens Tour, as well as brochures and newsletters from Safeline and Have Justice Will Travel, two local organizations offering support and resources for coping with gender-based violence. Across the foyer the flower arranging contest displayed bright colors lit by what light did manage to shine in through the window, and was visited by a local pollinator.

In the main hall the silent auction carried on as planned, and downstairs the barbecued chicken dinner also delighted hungry appetites with huge, succulent half-chicken portions adorned with many choices of side salads, whether green, potato or pasta-based, and an entire table of various pie slices that kept magically replenishing, thanks to a great team of kitchen volunteers.

What’s amazing about this Vershire Day is that it continued for a second day because the storm put a bit of a damper on the outdoor activities that were planned for Saturday evening.  So on Sunday, while the parade had to be cancelled because there wasn’t a permit for Sunday, most Saturday events continued for a second day, with several added back into the schedule by the grace of a beautiful, warm, sunny bucolic turn of weather events.  Gene Craft stoked the pizza oven and offered a gourmet selection from simple cheese or pepperoni to a portobello mushroom and caramelized onion combination and a white pizza featuring feta cheese and vegetables.

The outdoor pizza operation

When I left, after my second delicious chicken dinner in as many days but this time at a picnic table behind the Town Center, a local band was just getting into the swing of the evening’s entertainment, and later I could hear the fireworks from my home one mile away, so I knew that all had unfolded as planned for the evening.

Meanwhile, there was plenty of damage to be repaired by Vershire’s intrepid road crew during the day Sunday, with quite a bit of the storm’s impact still plainly visible in the debris piled by the sides of roads, and the actual sides of some roads narrowed by a significant margin.  Residents found their driveways washed out into the roads or their roads themselves washed out in places on Moody Hill and North Road, but restored for use that next day.

All in all, it was a Vershire Day weekend to remember!

The Ompompanoosuc from the Vershire Ctr. Rd. bridge on Saturday - already rushing but before the storm that caused so much flooding and road damage.

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