Chelsea's Footprints

A Newly Revamped Charity!

After a six month hiatus, I am back to helping animals in need. Some of you already know about Chelsea's Footprints, some ask  what on Earth is this about?  

This non profit organization assists animals who are differently abled and in need of a mobility device. Prior to my 'burning out' I have helped animals regardless of their location. From Hawaii to Chicago, Florida to Iran, you name it. It was a whirlwind of experience. A wonderful, fulfilling whirlwind, nevertheless. Tons of work, sleepless nights but the bliss of being able to lift up paralyzed creatures... pretty much describe what I have done. 

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Today, I return, with more structures, tighter boundaries and new hopes. I dream of support from not only private residence but companies as well.  For instance, if a dog needed assistance in Enfield, NH, I would love to see an Enfield Business sponsor the pooch and in exchange, have the dog advertise their service. 

This will be Chelsea's Footprints third year. Sixtytwo animals benefitted from its service, including the twenty one chihuahuas rescued in November, 2015. 

These are the changes I have made in order to ease my work, and to be able to  support many more animals in the future. 

- From now on, I will am only able to assist animals who live in New Hampshire. This can very well change in a year or so,

- every owner must fill out an application for assistance, it can be found on the website, no exceptions

- shelter animals will receive priority 

- assistance will depend on the amount of money available, I do not order mobility devices before the full amount has been fundraised for,

- I still would love to measure your animal if possible, but I would like you to do your own share of work. You must agree to train your animal how to use the device. Some pets are afraid at first, some will take off and run (and make us cry).  You do not have to stay in contact with me forever, or be my friend, but please, do post a picture of your animal on Chelsea's Footprints' facebook account, so others can see what big hearted people can achieve. 

- because of skeletal structure, I am not able to help birds. I once assisted a duck with a loose hip joint. The upper body could not be secured into a wheeled cart. A wide rubber band around its waist worked well! It held its joint from 'popping out'. 

- I will be more diligent to find sponsors, rather than soliciting for hours, without much return,

- I do not foster disabled animals. I stink at fostering. I just can not let them go. 

Wish me luck and if you have an idea for fundraisers, or you are one of those people who have friends in 'high places', please write me a note. 

Thank you so much!! 


Andrea Conger

Grantham NH 

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