Hartland Diner kicked out 26month old for crying too loud
Jeffrey Matteau

Very poor customer service. They kicked out my family this morning because my 2 yr old was crying.  My husband went there for breakfast, he entered with a 2 year old that obviously we need a high chair or booster but was never offered one so they just sat down. They did offer him a distraction by bringing over a bucket of 100's of crayons, maybe give 3 or 4 not a 100 crayons to a toddler which caused him to melt down. My husband was trying to take care of the situation how we know best he's our child we would know what comforts him. But they walked out of kitchen with a loud distributive tone and asked them to step outside. Which if u have ever been there is outside to a park in lot or busy street, great place for a toddler to calm down. Which shocked my husband. Her accuse was my child was behaving in a negative manner and distributing guest( there was 4 people inside none of which acted bothered just her) never taking in to account my child could be disabled. Then posted the review to there Facebook page to have her regular patrons who again don't know my child or his needs so they could verbally assault our 2 year old and our partnering skills. To the point we were worries for our safety. This was all at the hands of this small business owner. As well as blocked us from posting are side of the story. I have no doubt that they treat some people with respect but my family did not feel reapected. I would argue it's cause we are 2 gay men not sure.  If u have a child with disabilities(which my kid does and that's a different story) I would stay FAR AWAY from this place!! Attempted to call and speak with owner multiple times that day this occurred to get some understanding to the event but she was too busy probably telling other children with disabilities  to go cool off in the Parkin lot or road.

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