A Day In the Life of DailyUV's Social Media Manager

A Photo Essay

My morning view since June has mostly been construction. The plants and flowers help. 

Whenever meetings are scheduled at the Tuckerbox I do a quick happy dance. 

Except when this happens...

Let's take a quick detour...shall we? Lookin' good WRJ. 

Pets in the office is always a plus. This is my dog Chaco. He's a big fan of watching the trains go by...also receiving all of the pats outside of the Tuckerbox. 

This is Aileen. When you need chocolate whenever... and I mean WHENEVER, she has it. 

Another perk of working in White River on Fridays. 

I bet you're wondering if I did any work today... I swear I didn't just walk around and drink coffee. 

Today I...

Let a blogger know someone had commented on their post. 

Went on an ad sales call.

Curated, scheduled and posted content on all 3 of our Facebook pages, our Instagram and Twitter.

Helped a colleague make a quick "How to" video. 

Had a 1 hour social consulting session with a DailyUV client. 

Put together an Upper Valley Weekend Guide post. 

Managed social for a DailyUV client and posted on behalf of their blog. 

Put together a social metric ad report. 

Wrote this post.

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