Tips for Helping Your Teen in Middle School

Now that school has started you may find your teen has already amassed a pile of papers and accumulated a few missing assignment indicators on Powerschool.

How can you help your teen overcome these organization and completion issues?

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Managing Schoolwork

I've written a couple articles on the subject I hope you'll find helpful:  Helping Teens Get Organized and 6 Solutions to Improve Homework Completion.

The main thing to consider is creating a routine that your teen can follow through with.  This will help with forgetfulness, losing things, and organization.  

How to Make New Friends

What about the ever important problem of making friends?

I find the best and easiest solution is to join a club or sport.  This provides a safe, low-risk, and welcoming environment to make friends.  Right from the beginning teens are sharing in group activities planned for them and this helps conversation to flows more easily around the activity.  

Lunch time can be the hardest place.  Where do you sit?  What do you talk about?  

Teens could sit with someone they share the same class with and ask to sit together at lunch later.  They could also get to the lunch room earlier so that other students will be more apt to join and remove the awkwardness of joining at an already full lunch table.  During lunch, talking about general things like classes, homework, movies, tv, summer adventures etc would be safe things to bring up.  This would provide the greatest opportunity that someone shares that interest or has something to say.  If conversation falls flat when your teen brings up something, no worries, find something else to talk about. 

I hope you find these tips helpful as strategies to bring up or try with your teen.

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