Happy Gotcha-Day Callie!

The Beautiful Girl Smiling

One year ago my wife and I drove up to Charlotte, VT, to Champlain Valley Canine Rescue, and brought home this magical dog. Callie has changed all of our lives, mine, my wife's, my daughter's, although I think my daughter said it best after our first full week with Callie when she said, "She just fits. It's like something was missing, and she filled it." 

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Callie is a (now) 7 yr old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rescue from a puppy mill where she was a breeding female for six years. We brought her home two days after she arrived in Vermont from Ohio. She hadn't even made it into a foster home yet. Callie had never been held with love, and every touch terrified her. It was my daughter who settled her down a bit as they grew into a habit of either reading aloud or sometimes watching TV on the couch.

Nothing like a kiddo to snuggle with!

Callie loves life. She often acts as if she has decided to shuck the bonds of her former existence and throw herself entirely into this new one. She has an unbelievable willingness to check out what other dogs would consider scary things. Her favorites seem to be loud machines and the people operating them. Who knew?

Some of the best ways she has learned about being a dog, or behaving a like a dog, have come from our second puppy mill rescue, Charlie. Charlie is eight months old and came to us at three. Charlie was just annoying enough that he taught her how to play. The day I saw her playing for real, I cried. I never thought I would see that quiet, terrified dog bounce around and sound like an evil monster; and the day I watched her initiate play with another dog, that will always stand out as one of the best days.

Callie is the smaller tri-color, the one who starts by standing up. Charlie is the smallest tri-color. Gibby, Callie's best friend, and playmate, also featured in this video belongs to fellow Hartford resident, Leah Schoenberg Mosenthal and her family. They also have another Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cider, a Blenheim (or red and white) who make a quick appearance at the end.

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