Stability and Balance

in which we see if even good things are best in moderation

Hello and welcome to another installment of WRJ Tarot Musings!

This week we see a lot of elements related to stability and balance, and some reminders that these things are good, but always in moderation.  Stability gives us a place to work from, but can also become a point of stagnation. 

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Using the Vertigo Tarot this time. I love Dave McKean's artwork.  

First card- Universe/big picture  2 of Pentacles: A stable but dynamic balance, yet still precarious at this point. Keep those forces in balance if you don't want to fall

Second- Point of View: The World: completion, but only as the end of one cycle to give a stable base for the next cycle. You're done here, but there's always another journey, a way to take it further. 

Third- the meeting of the first and second cards:  Knight of Pentacles.  A dynamic force, like all of the Knights, but one the works best within a framework.  So far stability seems to be a theme here.

Fourth- Active influence: Hanged Man. He steps out, between the two forces, to exist outside of them for a while, to return renewed with a fresh perspective.

Fifth- Passive influence: Ten of Cups-freedom, lots of wild energy.  Part of what's to be brought in to balance?  Passive because it's being brought in t balance and control?  

Sixth- Current, where things are going or can be guided to: 7 of Pentacles.  Is any loss incurred a true loss, or should one focus on what one still has?  

Seventh- comment:  Five of Pentacles. Fives can be difficult.  Restraint, possibly the down side to stability, becoming trapped in it? 

Eighth- Will, or its means of manifestation: Temperance.  A more integrated balance than indicated by the first card, less keeping forces balanced than bringing them together and blending them.  

Ninth- Desire, or its means of manifestation: King of Pentacles.  He's shown up a lot in my recent readings. Kings always have a lot of power but some limitations, and this one is no exception. His power is great, but limited by the means of its expression. It's not truly power from within, it's dependent on something. Don't let that something own you. 

Tenth- meeting of eighth and ninth: Wheel. This is the closest to a wild card in the deck. Chance, fortune, cycles, journeys. As implied by the second card in this reading, it's always a process, end points are just a step on the way.  Cycles and motion are important too.

We have an interesting blend of elements here. Half of the reading is Pentacles, solidity and stability. Four of the remaining cards are major arcana, representing spirit, something that exists more as an idea than anything in manifest form yet.  We also have two tens, also representing the material and stability, and no other repeating numbers or strings of consecutive numbers.

The key card for this reading is The Hermit- separating like the Hanged Man, but to look within and shed light on things.  Examine the concept of stability and balance, see it for what it is and out it in perspective, perhaps?

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