Happy Birthday, Mom.


My Mom would have been 101 years old this week

You may think that the season for flowers blooming in the garden is over, but it is not. My mom, Elfrieda Lenat Homeyer, would have been 101 years old on October 27, had she not passed away in 2009. In her honor, I went out to pick – and photograph flowers. Mom loved it when I brought her flowers.

A David Austin rose, name forgotten

1.     I have 5 rose bushes blooming now. One is a David Austin rose, name long forgotten. Then there are 2 Proven Winner Roses, OSO Easy Double Red and ‘At Last’, a fragrant peach-colored one that I like a lot. And there is a miniature rose, name unknown. All are at the end of their bloom cycle, but still a treat.

'Oso Easy Double Red'

2.     Calendula, a self-seeding bright yellow annual is blooming like crazy on my front walk, as it has been for months. I never plant it anymore, I just let it appear and bloom. The frost will kill it, but the light frosts I’ve had have not affected it.

Calendual will keep on blooming until very hard frost

3.     ‘Prairie Sun’ Rudbeckia is still blooming – it always blooms from July to Halloween for me. It’s a big, bright green-eyed Susan. It’s generally sold as a perennial, but for me it’s an annual and worth planting every year.

'Prairie Sun' Rudbeckia blooms forever!

4.     Yarrow, a nice pink perennial, has some blossoms, and I picked a few to put in a vase.

Yarrow bloomed mid-summer, took time off, now is blooming again.

5.     Foxgloves that sent up big spikes in August are now sending out side shoots and blooming. Fox glove is a biennial, so these bloom in year 2 and don’t come back. I have picked the dry seed pods and scratched seeds into the soil underneath the mulch, and some should grow next year. I know the leaf color and won’t pull the first year plants.

Foxglove side-shoots are common if you cut the main stem in August.

6.     Feverfew is re-blooming here and there. This is a white daisy-like plant with fragrant foliage. It is a short-lived perennial that self-sows and shows up uninvited, but welcome anytime.

Feverfew is nearly done blooming now.

So Mom, if you’re reading, Happy Birthday. I picked some flowers for you. 

Oso Easy rose with pink yarrow (which also comes in white and gold).

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