Samuel, The Gentle Giant

This Upper Valley Dog Needs Our Help

 Today was a good day. I met my first giant. A gentle giant named Samuel. He is an eight years old rottweiler with a biggest smile a dog could have. There is also a bit of sadness in his eyes, but that will disappear as soon as he receives his custom - made, neutrally balanced, quad cart. 

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Last month, Samuel experienced a sudden, short lived stroke that left him temporarily immobile.

I purposefully used the word 'temporarily' because I have no doubt, he will one day stand and move again. 

Samuel's fur feels like soft velvet, His clubbing feet, wide chest and face have beautiful brown markings, his pearly whites show when he grins at me. I set down next to him and we both felt each other's immediate acceptance. His head on my lap, paw in my hand, I listened to his story. His owner mirrored my actions. We both worked hard on hiding tears by sharing funny stories. 

Each time I visit a family with a handicapped animal,  I represent my charity.  I come to take pictures, gather information and start forming ideas for a fundraiser. Even though it sounds like business, my visit has to do very little with money.  It has to do with feelings. Hope. Determination. Spreading love and helping. 

Yes, Samuel's wheels cost money. Yes, I will have to fundraise and ask for donations, but ultimately, it is an action that drives my life away from depression and sadness. It is the action of helping a unique population of animals who are often being euthanized because of lack of information or funds. 

My non profit charity exists to lift up differently abled animals and give them quality life for as long as they were meant to live after their injuries. 

For those who have not heard of Chelsea's Footprints ; It is a three years old non profit, founded and ran by myself. Up to date, sixty four animals have been helped - not only dogs. I fundraise individually. I brainstorm and do not stop until the animal receives the mobility device I promised.  It is a very rewarding experience. It can also be very sad. I had to take a long break after the most recent cruelty - rescue /Croydon NH/, it took so much out of me.  Stronger than before, full of hope and love, here I am back again.  

If you would like to donate towards Samuel's cart, please contact me via Chelsea's Footprints Facebook - community page. All donations are tax deductible. 

Thank you very much,

Andrea Conger 

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