4 Upper Valley Restaurants People Can't Stop Talking About

Atmosphere. Location. Delicious food. Some restaurants just have what it takes to make a lasting impression. Over the past few months, I have heard about the four restaurants listed below everywhere from school pick-up to grocery store checkout lanes. There's no doubt that people are excited about theses restaurants. If there's one thing I've learned about the Upper Valley, it's that its residents love good food. So, be sure to plan your next night out around one of these hot spots and let us know how it went!

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Samurai Soul Food (Fairlee, VT) - This chef owned space is unique with its offerings of Asian Fusion food. 

Skunk Hollow Tavern (Hartland Four Corners, VT) - This tavern dates back to 1790 and offers a casual pub atmosphere on the main floor and a more elegant dining upstairs.

TRAIL BREAK Taps + Tacos (White River Junction, VT) - TRAIL BREAK hasn't even officially opened and it has been drawing in huge, hungry crowds every time they have a pop-up event. There's no denying that the Upper Valley is ready for this restaurant to officially open its doors.

Taco's Tacos (Various UV Locations) - Taco's Tacos is a new food truck in the area. They became an instant hit and frequently sell out within hours. They offer fresh food and fresh tortillas. Follow them on FaceBook to see where they'll be next!

*Worthy Kitchen (Woodstock, VT) deserves an honorable mention here, as well. I've been in the area for a few years now and I still hear about Worthy Kitchen and Worthy Burger weekly. They're always recommended to newcomers and out-of-towners. While they may not be a new hot spot, they have managed to maintain the excitement and they have a substantial group of devoted diners.

Do you have a favorite Upper Valley restaurant that you want others to know about it? We want to try it, so tell us about it in the comment section below!

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