Composting in Winter?

My compost pile is a long way from my house. In summer I think nothing of walking down to the garden and emptying the bucket of kitchen scraps into the compost, but with deep snow and a cold wind, it’s less a less appealing idea. So what can we do about composting now? Is it okay to put moldy broccoli and limp lettuce in the household waste? Will it even breakdown in a winter compost pile?

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My grandfather and parents would be scandalized that I would even think about putting organic matter in the trash. Organic matter, in their gardens, was black gold worth its weight in heirloom tomatoes. So I had to find a solution.

This barrel will keep animals out of the compost, and store it until spring with a tight-fitting lid.

Here’s what I did. I had a heavy duty plastic garbage can that was not in use. I placed it near my woodpile, not far from the front door. Now it is a storage barrel for compost. NO, my kitchen scraps will not ferment and turn into black gold. But they will be there, waiting, come spring. When the weather is nice, I’ll put the barrel in cart and take it down to my REAL compost bin by my barn. In the meantime, nothing is happening in the barrel, but at least it’s not going to the landfill. 

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