“... MY SON BEGGED ME TO HOME-SCHOOL HIM" - Quotes from Hartford's Candidate Night

Selectboard Candidates Jameson Davis, Sandy Mariotti, and Mike Morris on CATV

In the town of Hartford, Selectboard incumbents Mike Morris and Sandy Mariotti are running for re-election.  They are being challenged by new candidates Kim Souza and Jameson Davis.  Residents will cast votes for their top two picks, and the two with the most votes will be elected to fill two-year terms.  Incumbent Simon Dennis is running unopposed for a three-year term.

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For the Hartford School Board, Russ North is running unopposed for a three-year seat.  Incumbent Nancy Russell is on the ballot for a two-year seat, being challenged by write-in candidate Peggy George.

Candidates addressed the public Monday night in a forum held at the high school, presenting statements and answering questions.   Topics ranged from managing the budgets of the schools and the Red Sox, to the values of citizens and the value of pocket parks.  Excerpts from the evening: 

“What is the priority?  What exactly is that 3% going to be used for?”     

       -Wilder resident Geri Williams, asking of School Board budget presenter, Peter Merrill

“There’s no magic about 3%.  It’s based on our experience over the years of what the town usually is willing – although not always willing – to accept as an increase.”

    -Peter Merrill, Hartford School Board Member

“A while ago my son came to me and begged me to home-school him.”

    -Peggy George, School Board Candidate

“The best of us get into disagreements sometimes.” 

    -Simon Dennis, Selectboard Candidate

“We can’t outspend Norwich, we may not be able to outspend Thetford, but we at least have to try to be competitive.”

    -Russ North, School Board Candidate

“If the Select board is working on something that’s important to individuals, we need to show up.” 

    -Kim Souza, Selectboard Candidiate

“The values that the Hartford citizens know – hard work, inclusivity, commitment to family, love of nature, and faith – are the exact values that I grew up (with).”

    -Jameson Davis, Selectboard Candidate 

“Some of the accomplishments I’ve concentrated on – maybe the biggest one – was putting a cap on the pocket parks in Quechee –the price.” 

    -Mike Morris, Selectboard Candidate

“I try to weigh the pros and cons for each project versus the cost of what it’s going to bring to you – and myself – as a taxpayer.”

    -Sandy Mariotti, Selectboard Candidate

“I’ve come to believe the town has slipped into a fiscal position that may take us a few years to work out of.” 

    -Simon Dennis, Selectboard Candidate

“I am probably one of the strongest supporters of having a track here.” 

    -Nancy Russell, School Board Candidate

“As an overall cultural issue in our country – stepping outside the municipal situation – the industrial prison complex is modern slavery.  “

    -Kim Souza, Selectboard Candidate

“Whether you look at our current situation through an economic lens or a geopolitical or an environmental lens, it is clear that the next decades are likely to be radically different from those that have come before.  And the more that we can do to respond to the world we’re moving into, the better prepared we will be to protect the safety and well-being of the citizens of this town.”

    -Simon Dennis, Selectboard Candidate

“We can’t keep doing the same things over and over again.” 

    -Russ North, School Board Candidate


Context for these notable quotes can be found at the CATV link here: http://catv.cablecast.tv/CablecastPublicSite/show/7059?channel=1

Voting for candidates, as well as the municipal and school district budgets, is on Tuesday, March 6, at Hartford High School.  Polls are open from 7 AM to 7 PM.









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