Things You Don’t See in the Upper Valley

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New York City is another world. Forget Broadway and museums and Central Park for the moment. In addition to the cafe for surly folks, here are some other things that hands down distinguish the Big Apple from the Upper Valley. 

Grand Central Station is a river of individuals in constant motion, except of course when they stop to take a selfie. 750,000 people pass through this gorgeous terminal everyday. That is more than the entire population of the state of Vermont. 

At Mount Sinai Hospital, one elevator is kindly programmed to stop automatically at each floor so that the religiously observant (who are forbidden from pushing the buttons on the Sabbath) can visit loved ones there every day. Think of it as the local as opposed to the express.

A homeless woman sat surrounded by her shopping bags at the edge of Central Park. She was absorbed in typing on her laptop computer. I wondered where she charged the battery. There were a few charging kiosks around (for a fee) but I am hoping that maybe the public libraries. . . ?

How tidy. When did they become a thing?  Umbrella bags, long skinny plastic sleeves into which you slide your sopping umbrella to keep it from dripping onto the floor, were being dispensed everywhere, from the Mount Sinai Hospital lobby to a yakitori restaurant on East 43rd Street (Soba Totto, good food). 

So seldom does my daily FitBit page look like this. In the land of white-knuckle taxi rides and subways to everywhere, walking is still the preferred mode of transport. 

What have you seen in the big city that tells you you’re no longer in the Upper Valley?


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