How About a Social Platform Without Selfies?

Don’t get me wrong—my selfie game is usually pretty strong, and especially on good hair days. But I dunno, even I’m starting to get a little tired of me. 

So how come every social media platform on the planet keeps making it all about me?

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Likes and hearts and thumbs. You keep feeding me this junk food and calling it nutritious. But my FOMO is out of control. And increasingly I DGAF.

At DailyUV, we uphold the belief that the internet—and how we participate in it—can be better.

DailyUV is a different kind of social platform. And I’m sorry, but it’s not all about me, or you. DailyUV is about what you bring to your community. It is your community.

We did this intentionally. We built this platform as a solution to that creeping sense of isolation that so many of us feel in this so-called “hyper-connected” world. Also, how the heck do you find out what’s going on around here? We wanted to bring Woodstock and the Upper Valley right to your fingertips.

You won’t find a lot of selfies on DailyUV, but you will find a steady stream (and balanced diet) of local events, interesting and engaging local stories, and a taste of the character of our sprawling region—all in one place. 

There’s no fear of missing out here. Join the conversation. What you bring to DailyUV, you bring to your community.

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