Randolph—just because you're a small town, doesn’t mean you don’t have big stories to tell

Small town life isn’t just about breaking news. 

It is about the kid that everyone watched grow up and is now in the Olympics. 

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It’s about your neighbor’s daughter who recently returned to the area to open an exciting new business.

It’s about the kind person that helped you find your dog when he had run off. 

It’s about the students who are presenting their photographs at Kimball Library. 

It’s about the owner of your go-to coffee spot that you see every day but never knew also coaches the local high school soccer team. 

These stories are just as important because they are about the people we see every day. 

We’re going to be honest, though. We can’t give you these stories. We need your help.

DailyUV is just a platform. A site with tools to publish your thoughts, stories, items for sale, announcements, questions, events. We can’t build your town’s online community on our platform. We need you to do it. Because who knows your community better than you? 

Give DailyUV a try, and make this platform WHATEVER you want for your town. You hold the keys. All we did was build the house. It’s time for you to live here, on DailyUV. 

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