Facets: Meg, Painter, Event Planner, Circus Camp Organizer

Meet Meg. She does adult nights at circus camp.  

Meg was born in Hanover at the former location of Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital. She attended Lebanon High School where she participated in multiple sports. Her father was the Recreation Department Director in a neighboring town who coached multiple sports. She never played for him and played against his teams only a few times. Meg mixed paint at the Paint & Paper Barn in Lebanon throughout high school. After graduation, she moved to Colorado and mixed paints and painted houses there for 3 years. Then she moved back to the Upper Valley to Plainfield and moved into a house she and her boyfriend had bought sight unseen. A year and a half later, they moved to Cornish and bought another house. Throughout this period, Meg continued to mix paint for the Paint & Paper Barn, spent some time working as a veterinary tech and started her own painting business. 

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Circus camps arrived in Meg's life when at 8 years old her son pleaded to be able to participate. Initially, Meg rolled her eyes. After watching her son transformed into smiles and energy by circus camp activities, Meg stopped rolling her eyes. Now she is a zealous advocate and participates in adult night circus camp herself whenever possible. She's terribly excited about the Sellam Circus School that's coming to Cornish under a Big Top this summer from July 16-27. You really ought to check it out: Sellam Circus School

Meg lives in Cornish with her husband and 2 kids. She hikes with her dogs every day on the mile-or-so loop behind her house. Meg still paints houses, but now she also sells real estate and has an event planning business called Scarlet Begonias. She's 41 and can't imagine ever living anywhere else. 

Biggest change to the Upper Valley: the flowering of downtown White River Junction

Favorite memories: childhood memories of when the Big Apple Circus came to town

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