Facets: Meet Laurel. She helped streamline airline reservations.

Laurel, Owner of Violet's Book Exchange in Claremont

Meet Laurel. She helped streamline airline reservations.   

Laurel was born in Milford, Massachusetts and grew up in that area with her 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Her first job was working in the kitchen and laundry room at a local nursing home. After high school, she went to work at InCoTerm, a company that was streamlining the airline reservation process so that airlines wouldn't have to manually keep track of customer reservations. Laurel worked there for 5 years and decided it was time to go back to school. Her timing was good. She accepted a layoff from InCoTerm and went to college to study computer science. She met her husband there.

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Laurel and her husband eloped in 1985. Although they'd been living in Massachusetts, they were married at Home Hill Inn in Plainfield. Eventually they bought an old cape in Unity with 110 acres. They raised 3 daughters, and Laurel worked part-time in the Unity School library. Laurel bought Violet's Book Exchange in Claremont in 2006. She's owned it ever since. Her favorite thing about her work is meeting people.

Laurel and her husband still live in that old cape in Unity. Their daughters are all grown. Laurel is 62.

What State she'd live in if she couldn't live in NH or VT: someplace warmer

Favorite Chinese dish: Hunan Trio (shrimp, chicken and beef)

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