Try These Yoga Poses to Find a Sense of Spring Renewal

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April is here and with this new month, here are a few yoga poses to help your body and mind feel renewed. Especially on these cooler, gray days feeling a sense of renewal might seem like the opposite of what you’re currently feeling so these poses could just be the antidote your mind and body are searching for. Although it seems like spring might never come, the snow will continue to melt and the ground will continue to thaw and new life will slowly begin to return bringing with it a sense of revival and rejuvenation to our surroundings.  So let's kick start spring and do a few poses that will revive, rejuvenate, and renew your mind and body!

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Use these poses to increase your energy and mood and invite a sense of opening in your lower back, hips, and chest especially. As with any exercise routine, this does not replace medical advice. You should always check with your doctor before starting any new exercise routine. And always listen to how your body feels with the exercises both when you are doing them and afterwards.

1. Deep Squat - if your hips, knees and ankles will allow it, this can be a great pose to release your lower back and work full range of motion in your hips, knees, and ankle - just be sure you can get up either by standing straight up or by lifting the hips into a forward fold with the hands coming to the ground. Notice how freely little kids go into this pose and let that bring some childlike energy to your mind and body!

2. Windshield Wipers - this should feel great after the deep squat or just about any time of day to open up your hips, side waist, and chest. Finding length in our side body can be a great way to feel rejuvenated!

3. Locust - be sure to keep tension out of your neck and low back in this pose. After being hunched all day (or maybe all winter) opening up your chest and working the upper back may feel quite revitalizing!

For three more modified yoga poses click here. If you are a desk worker and sit all day read on for 7 mobility drills, or if you stand all day at work read on for 7 other mobility drills.

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