Three Bean and the never ending story.

When I was told the Three Bean Cafe in town was closing I was beyond upset. I didn't even think I could write an article adequate enough to do this small town treasure justice.

The Three Bean Cafe is a cozy cafe located on 22 Pleasant Street. This lovely bakery is a local gathering place for early morning go-getters, afternoon student studying, and a large part of the community that has grown into what feels like family. They offer what seems like an endless choosing of some of the best coffee, homemade pizza, muffins, cookies and hands down the best central Vermont hospitality.  

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Someone might be familiar with the local cafe as a part time music venue. So many wonderful musicians have gone there to utilize the space and reach out to the town to spark a good time with music, food, and friends. 

It is sad news that took the town of Randolph by storm. But it is known to all that although this coffee shop is closing, the memory of The Three Bean Cafe will never die. 

Keep the tire turning, this is Dakota Browder and this was a message from all to all. 

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