Facets: Meet Steve. He's the Statue of Liberty guy in West Lebanon and today is his last day for a while.

Meet Steve. He's the Statue of Liberty guy in West Lebanon and today is his last day for a while.  

Steve was born in Montpelier. He grew up in Middlesex, Vermont. He attended Rumney Memorial Elementary School and U-32 High School. He loved to go fishing when he was growing up. His first job was in a lumberyard. He's had lots of jobs since then, and he's lived in a bunch of different places, including Concord and Warner. He moved to Wilder in 1987.

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Steve is retired now, but he picks up different jobs every now and again. When the tax filing deadline approaches, Steve is the Statue of Liberty guy outside Liberty Tax Services on Main Street in West Lebanon. He waves and smiles at people passing by in cars going in both directions. He doesn't mind that the weather has been just punishing recently. After all, he hasn't spent as many days as the Statue of Liberty this year as he does normally. Besides, the job gets him outside during the winter months. And today is the deadline for filing your taxes so this is his last day for a long time.

Steve lives in Wilder. He still loves to go fishing when he can. He's a catch and release kind of a guy. Steve is 58.

Favorite fish to eat: salmon

Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate

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