Hartford Community Coalition taking back unwanted prescription drugs April 28 at Hartford Police Department; Wilder, and Queechee Libraries

Major Braedon Vail of the Hartford Police Department

Major Braedon Vail: National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is Important

“Opiate addiction knows no prejudice in that it can, and does, affect people of all ages, backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses,” says Major Braedon Vail, Deputy Chief of the Hartford Police Department.

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In our community, Vail has witnessed emergency service providers routinely respond to overdoses, many of which have been fatal. His department has had to update its policies and obtain specialized equipment to deal with associated dangers, such as handling fentanyl. Vail has seen the strain the epidemic has placed on our judicial system and allied agencies that provide alternative resources. He’s observed how it reaches into our school system when a child’s parents may be addicted, which creates an adverse effect on the child’s attendance and ability to learn and socialize appropriately.

While blame for the opioid crisis may be debated, Vail says, one thing for certain is that everyone has a responsibility to deal with it. “We continue to utilize various alternatives to combat the crisis and recognize that it is not something that we can ‘arrest our way out of,’” he says. “Rather, we have to work collaboratively with others and utilize all appropriate options.”

That’s why The Hartford Police Department and the Hartford Community Coalition are participating in National PrescriptionDrug Take Back Day on Saturday, April 28. Community members can bring prescription medications for disposal at the Hartford Police Department from 10am to 2pm; the Queechee Library from 9 to 10:30 am; and the Wilder Library from 11am to 12:30 pm.

“It is important to properly dispose of unwanted/unused medications as they can otherwise wind up in the hands of those that are addicted,” Vail says, adding that people will often take whatever they can get to feed their addiction. “Many medications are narcotic in nature and will provide the same effect as illicit opiates, and would therefore be desirable to illicit opiate users. Inasmuch, Take Back Day mitigates this possibility as well as providing for an environmentally friendly way of disposal.”

Major Braedon Vail of the Hartford Police Department

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