A Ripped-From-a-Newsletter Story of Horse-Wrangling in Sharon

All in a day's work for three solar panel installers at Norwich Solar Technologies. You might think installing a solar array is just conduits and cables, but sometimes lives are on the line, and they're not always human ones. Ladies and Gentlemen, the story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent, though some of the saltier language has been. This is what can happen when you install solar panels on the back roads of the Upper Valley, as told by NST technician, Don, in the Norwich Solar's weekly internal newsletter.

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"...Didn't get as much done at the Sharon job site as I would have liked today, but we had a pretty good excuse.  

Micah and I got up there mid-morning, and I, like a doofus, managed to bury the truck in a ditch pretty good, so I called Parker to come pull me out.  Micah and I walked up the hill and worked on connections while we were waiting for Parker to arrive.

Parker got there around lunchtime, and we got the truck out of the ditch pretty easily.  As he was leaving, with Micah and I still down in the parking area, near the truck, I looked over and noticed Parker had stopped in the middle of the road.  I looked up to see three horses running down the street.  As you know, Route 132 is a pretty winding road, and people fly up through there, so we jumped into Solar Cowboy mode!  I blocked traffic to the west, Parker blocked to the east, and Micah herded the horses into the parking area at our solar array. 

An NST solar installation at the The Mountain School of Milton Academy.

 Parker drove up the road and started knocking on doors to see if we could find out who the horses belonged to, while Micah and I tried to keep them off of Route 132.  Eventually, the horses decided they didn't like us (mostly me because apparently, horses don't like short, bearded guys) and they ran back into the road. We went back to traffic control, trying to keep them, and us, from getting hit by a car.  

Parker was finally able to get someone to answer their door and found out the horses belonged to the house directly east of the solar array.  We herded them up the road into the driveway while the neighbor lady who Parker had found tried unsuccessfully to call the owners.  With no one home, the neighbor unable to reach them, and not wanting the horses to run back out into the road and get hit by a car,  we didn't want to just leave them there.  Eventually, Micah got into the barn and found some food, and using the lid of a trash can filled with grain to attract them, we finally managed to get the horses into the barn and a stall.

The neighbor lady said she would contact the owners, and she was very appreciative that we had taken the time to get the horses back home safely.  A few of the cars we had stopped spoke with us as well, and all seemed very appreciative, and oddly surprised, that these three random guys (in two big trucks with "Norwich Solar Technologies" written all over them) had taken the time to get these horses back where they belong.  So hopefully we built a little goodwill with the community today. Wiring panels and saving horses: just another day at NST."

The Solar Cowboys: Don, Micah & Parker.

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