Facets: William called last night from Nebraska . . .

William at the White River Junction train station 2 weeks ago

For those of you who followed William's story 2 weeks ago, here's an update. William called last night to say that he'd made it safely to Nebraska. The train journey took 4 days instead of 3 due to track issues, but he didn't care because he wasn't hitch hiking. He even met some nice people on the way. When he finally got to Lincoln, he managed to locate the friend who had promised him a job. He earned $700 last week painting condos and has guaranteed work through the summer and maybe even through the fall. His hotel room is paid up through next week, and he will try to find something more permanent than a hotel room when he has a little more money saved up. He promised to figure out how to get his Social Security benefit payments re-started.

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William is incredibly grateful to the group of Upper Valley residents who banded together to get him back on track. He said he would "never, never, never, ever be able to thank" those people enough. And he promised to keep in touch. 

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