Did you Ever wonder who works at the Marion Cross School ?

Who's who and the staff too!

On Thursday , May 17, I reported to my duty station as I do every morning. I was told to go into the school and hand over my vest and stop sign to one of the staff members and go to the multipurpose room for a appreciation day breakfast. My fellow crossing guard, Norman Campbell was asked to do the same.. As we were walking there , I noticed this very large poster with all the employees photo's.  I have always wondered who all the staff were and thought this was a nice way of letting visitors at MCS know who's who. 

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I enjoyed my breakfast and visited with some of the staff. As I was leaving, I passed the poster again and thought this would make for a nice short story. I stopped in to see  Mr Bill (the principal) and requested permission to take the photos and do the story. He thought that it was a wonderful idea and gave me the green light to proceed. He also told me that 8 employees would be leaving soon. They are:

Dora Spaulding (Administrative Assistant), with over 50 years of service , Wendy Thompson (3rd grade teacher), with 30 years ,  Maureen Ripple( Educational Assistant) with 15 years, Candace Crosby-Rogers, (Special Educational Case manager) with 11 years, Yoko Kurokawa, (Educational Assistant) with 6 years, Rebecca Chartrand, (French Teacher) with 2 years, Noelle Cowdrey, (2nd-grade teacher) with 1 year, and Nicole Butters (Part-time art teacher) with 1 year of service.

I went back to the poster to get the names for this story and noticed there is a space on the poster for a picture of me. I guess I never sent in a photo as I wasn't even aware of the poster.  Who Knew !!!

Well hopefully now all who read this story will . 

I will have to send in a photo and get on this poster also. I see there is one spot open now, though soon there will be nine.

Eight employees will be leaving soon. Do you know which ones ?

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