Singer Songwriter Carl Goulet

Carl Goulet "Gazebo"

New Album "Gazebo"

    I first met Carl Goulet at the Open Mic at Artistree. He sang “Jesus, Me, & Whiskey” that night. I especially remember because he surprised me with the turn of events in the song. This is indicative of most of Carl’s songs on his ten-song album Gazebo.

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     From the first number, “Greenville Trestle” to the last “Perfect World”, Carl charms the listener with his gentle melodies yet packs a punch with the depth of wisdom and love hidden inside. I’ve listened to Carl’s album many times, and each time I gain a new insight into his perspectives of life. It charms me and settles me like I would imagine true Vermont music would.

 My favorite cut from the album is “Prisoner of Conscience” Carl speaks of the wisdom of being a gentle soul in a world that gets too loud. He says, “I will shout from a quiet place…” Yes, Carl, perhaps you have found the answer to the noise of the world.

 “Memorial Day” twists and turns about giving honor to those who have given their lives and the confusion of politics and money that pay for blood to be spilled. You must hear it to understand the message he is sending. Each time I listen, I am able to go deeper into considering the acts we’ve been engaged both intentional and unintentional.

 Listening to Carl’s music is like taking a Sunday stroll with him along a beautiful, gently flowing river. He tells stories of love lost as in “Greenville Trestle, stories of the fickleness of life in “Lie to me” and “Something Wrong with Arthur”, and then of love in “Making Memories”. His wisdom points us in the direction of gentleness, acceptance, and above all love.

 You can listen to “Prisoner of Conscience” on the recording studio’s website and purchase Carl Goulet’s album on CD Baby through Thunder Records.  Thunder Records: Carl Goulet 

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