What to say when someone asks "What is DailyUV?"

Photo Credit: @martin.i.montoya

DailyUV is: A local platform for the Upper Valley. 

It isn’t: A news organization. 

DailyUV is: a place for local folks to find out what’s going on in the Upper Valley.  

It isn’t: A room full of reporters 

DailyUV is: created and run by local Upper Valley residents. 

DailyUV is: the place to post a job listing.

DailyUV is: the place to sell your couch.

DailyUV is: the place to spread the word about your upcoming event. 

DailyUV is: the place to discover new bloggers from around the Upper Valley. 

DailyUV is: what you need DailyUV to be. 

Maybe it’s the place you go to search for Strawberry Festivals. Or the place you go to ask your neighbors for a recommendation? Whether DailyUV is the place you go to sell your furniture, or the place you read about local news, or the place you search for jobs... it's YOUR place. 

So, what is DailyUV to you? 

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