When You Can't Think of What to do with your Kiddo...

Anyone else sit and wonder: What else can I do with my kid before all the businesses open?

I created a list of ideas with pictures that has been working great with my son lately.  It gives him a visual cue of an activity and a reminder to me that we haven't played piano in a while and that might be good to try.

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Here's why I think the handout is handy:

It's easy and quick

You can just look and pick an activity to do with your child (or you kiddo can pick).  

It encourages language 

Use the pictures and text to encourage speech and reading.  What's that?  Do you want to play bubbles? Bubbles.  Is that the letter B?  Can you point to the letter B? Or something like that...

It encourages Variety in Play

My two year is becoming an independent little boy with his toys.  In the winter it was blocks.  Now, he's been playing a lot of trucks lately.  He hasn't wanted to take out the blocks at all.

Cook? Read? Music? Nope.  Just trucks.  

Must be a phase.

I want to encourage different activities and thought seeing them and starting them together might spark some more interest.

Today he pointed to something other than trucks.  He wanted to cook and playing with a puzzle with me. 

I hope you find it helpful.  Here's the link to pdf versions of the handout. I created an indoor and outdoor/special activity one.  

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