Hello, Hartford 911? I'm on Lake Champlain and my boat is sinking

Did you know that the Hartford Emergency Communications Center sometimes takes calls from far and wide? This is not routine stuff. Check out these: 

July 3rd – Emergency Communications Specialists received a 911 call from a boater reporting that her boat struck a rock in Lake Champlain near Colchester, Vermont and was sinking. Specialist Stearns dispatched rescue services and worked with the caller to insure her four children were fitted with flotation devices and provided other instructions for more than (6) minutes when the caller, reporting the boat was ¾’s submerged, disconnected. Specialist Stearns was unable to reconnect with the caller, but continued to work with first responders and learned that rescue personnel had reached the boat and safely recovered the passengers. 

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July 5th – Emergency Communications Specialists received a 911 call from a man who had accidentally shot himself while cleaning his firearm. Specialist Morse dispatched emergency medical services and police to the Montpelier home while instructing the caller in basic first aid and safety (f)or more than (8) minutes. The man regained consciousness as emergency medical personnel arrived. 

July 12th – Emergency Communications Specialists received a 911 call from a boater reporting that she was lost on Lake Champlain, her boat had run out of gas and she could not see or reach land before her phone call disconnected. Specialist Mayo worked for nearly an hour to unsuccessfully reconnect with the caller, however he was able to work with the cellular carrier to triangulate a search area and communicated this information to the Coast Guard and other first responders. The boater was located a short time later by the Canadian Coast Guard.

You can find a rundown on dispatch center activity in the police incident listings in Town Manager Leo Pullar's Significant Activity Report.

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