Positive Thinking in the Midst of Construction

You can't avoid it.  12A or the Interstate.  A snake of cars awaits to bite a chunk out of your day.  

Maybe you're like me and have started leaviing an extra fifteen minutes early to allow for the construction, but that one time you don't and you inevitably are late (like me today).

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Sometimes we need to refresh our perspective to help see the situation in another way and this can make all the difference in stay positive and not getting frustrated.

They're helping fix something important

I know it's obvious, but the work they're doing is important, albeit an inconvenience.  Reminding ourselves of this might help.

It must be hard on the local businesses and residents

The local businesses surrounding this construction must suffer because many people want to avoid the wait.  I think it's great so many people brave the bumps to grab a tasty treat at Dairy Twirl.  The local residents' lawns have been effected and they are surrounded by construction for months.  Though, I thiink one resident had a great idea: pull up a lawn chair on your porch and be entertained by it all.  I like this article about how businesses can work through the construction like helping each other, getting to know the construction crew, and provide offers to customers.  Apparently it's a common issue because surviving construction came up as a hot topic on Google and multiple cities produced guides to help local businesses.

At least I'm not standing directing traffic in the hot sun for 8 hrs.

These workers get to be out in gorgeous weather, but after a while that can get old with the heat blazing down on you. Think about the workers who stand around doing an important job. I think I'd be bored and my feet would hurt.  I appreciate what they do because I know I'd struggle with it.

I have to plan ahead even better now 

One benefit of the construction is that it forces me to leave extra early and plan for the construction.  If I time it right, I can get good at being early instaed of just on time with two kids.  

I Can Listen to More of my Book on Tape (or __________) insert favorite car entertainment

If I listened to books on tape, this would be an added benefit.  Maybe I should try book on tape - recommendations anyone?  I can appreciate that now I can listen to more 80s on 8 from Sirius; I love that station.  

It's not forever

Soon the weather will change and construction will cease.  I'll leave it at that.

How do you stay positive in the midst of all the construction?  For more tips on how to live a more positive and contented life see my blog or my pinterest account  or poetry at instagram
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