Norwich Registered Voters - PLEASE READ

From the Norwich Town Clerk [via the listserv]: 

On August 14, 2018 we will be voting on the Vermont Primary Election.  This type of Election is a little different.  Here is what to expect.
1.        You will come into the polls and either join the A-L line for your last name or the M-Z line, state your name and address.  Please if the person taking this information is your son, daughter, mother, father, spouse….. The law states that YOU the voter will state your name and address.  Do not expect them to check you in until you do so.
2.       We will be giving you the voter, three ballots a Democratic, Progressive and Republican ballot.  You may only vote ONE of the three ballots.  The ballot that you vote will go into the tabulator machine and the un voted ballots will go into the ballot box.  The voted ballot is to be deposited first , this is because if by accident you put a blank ballot in the machine it will reject the ballot.  This will make you look at what you deposit in the tabulator before you deposit your ballot into unused ballot box.  If it does happen that your voted ballot ends up in the un voted ballot box you will have lost your vote.  I cannot open this box to retrieve your ballot.  You need to make sure you return ALL THREE BALLOTS.  If you leave the blank in the voting booth we will send you to retrieve your un voted ballots.
A trend that we are seeing is people coming in and requesting an absentee ballot be mailed to……… We can and will do this however, if you come in on the Thurs, Friday or Monday before any Election the ballot may not make it to the voter in time.  We cannot except or count ballots if they come in to our office after 7:00 PM on the day of Election.  Make sure you think in advance of an Election and request your ballot then.  Parents, spouses, sons, daughters, friends cannot pick a ballot up for you.  It can be requested by them but the ballot will have to go into the mail.  You can come in and vote early if you suspect you will not be able to vote in person on the day of an Election.  Another request that is sometimes made is to overnight a ballot.  We cannot do this, it came come back by overnight delivery, however  we cannot ship an overnight  ballot and no, we cannot allow the person requesting the overnight ballot to take the ballot and let them send it.

The State Gubernatorial Election is November 6, 2018, if you have kids going off to College now would be a good time to request this ballot.  We will need their address at school in order to send the ballot the day we receive the ballots.  Ballots are available 47 days in advance of an Election.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact [the Town Clerk's office] at 649-1419.

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