45 Norwich Property Owners May Be Impacted By River Corridor Overlay District Proposal

About 45 property owners might be directly impacted by the River Corridor Overlay District under consideration by the Planning Commission. The owners have been contacted and invited to attend the Planning Commission meeting on August 23.

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Adoption of the River Corridor rules would qualify the Town for additional reimbursement from the State for flood damage. The Town likely lost about $200,000 in reimbursement for road repair costs related to the July 1 Storm Event. This was because River Corridor rules had not been adopted. See Inaction Costs Norwich $200,000?       

I don't know the specifics of the River Corridor rules being considered in Norwich. The State has issued model rules for a River Corridor Overlay District, which are available here, under Section D. In very general terms, the State model rules prohibit, within the District, any "[n]ew structures, fill, development, and accessory dwellings" that do not meet specified development standards.

Adoption of a River Corridor Overlay District is an amendment to the Norwich Zoning Regulations. Such action requires a public hearing and approval by the PC, followed by a public hearing and approval by the Selectboard. In the interim, let's hope there is not another storm that causes severe  flood damage to roads. 

What is a River Corridor? Source: State of Vermont http://floodready.vermont.gov/flood_protection/river_corridors_floodplains/river_corridors

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