What's Your Personality All About?

The Meyer-Briggs Personality Indicator may be just what you need to shine in your career!

Meyers-Briggs, Now You Can Find Out!

I've worked for so long and in so many larger organizations that I've had multiple opportunities to take the Meyers-Briggs personality test. I won't tell you what kind of 4-letter personality indicator I am, but you can bet it suggests writing ought to be one of my main career choices—and it does!

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I've just learned about a way you can take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test online (for a fee, of course), but, more importantly, if you already know what personality type you are, you can take a look at the MBTI website and see what types of jobs and careers might be right for you—at no charge!

Look for your 4-letter personality type and click on it to explore what types of careers might best suit you.

The first step is to Click Here to get to the MBTI website. The second step is to grab the drop-down bar for "Personality Types." Then you choose your 4-letter personality type indicator (if you know it) and you're off to the races!  There's a wealth of information here about your personality type, and all personality types, that you can access for free. You might like to check out someone else's personality type, though MBTI states its results should not be used in the hiring process. But it doesn't say anything about exploring your personality's strengths and those of your partner. Could be a fun and, well, interesting exercise for some!

Of course, if you've never taken the MBTI test, you can access it online at the same website, but you'll have to pay what looks like $49.95 to take the test. The good news is that there's never a wrong answer. The MBTI evaluates your answers and matches you with a personality type. So, if you believe having a certain personality can influence a career, and that choosing a career based on your personality type is worth exploring, then the MBTI is for you!


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